Why saddle your guests or clients
with expensive parking fees
when there are plenty of empty spaces in the garage?

Avoid the parking fees on the street there is always a space parking spot in the garage.

Park4Share is an app for mobile devices, developed for community of owners of apartment complexes and companies with their own parking facilities to share parking spaces among them.
Having your own parking space provides comfort and a benefit for the owner. In contrast, your guests or clients have to search for a place on the street and are often shocked by the expensive parking fees. With Park4Share it becomes possible to add another element to your hospitality: use of empty parking places (temporary) belonging to your neighbours or colleagues.

By using Park4Share, parking space owners can indicate when and for how long they will be leaving their parking space empty, making it available for their neighbours or colleagues. Notification is sent to other users that a parking space is free for the specified period and can be used for guests or colleagues. The neighbours/colleagues must arrange to let their guests into the garage themselves; it’s a friendly welcome.

In the app it is easy to see who is using your parking space; and if necessary, you can communicate with them directly through the app. The person using your parking space temporarily receives a notification warning about the approaching deadline of the end of the parking period to ensure that your space is free by the time you specified.

Sharing parking spaces fits perfectly into this day and age when we are dealing more smartly with our possessions by sharing them. This is especially true as parking in public spaces becomes more restricted to make room for more greenery, play areas and meeting places.

App features


  • Free parking for clients or colleagues.
  • Also suitable for rented parking spaces.
  • See which space will be free soonest.
  • Reserve a space in advance so that you are assured of a free parking space.
  • Duration of a claimed spot is visible to all users.
  • Find the nearest free space quickly.
  • Simple communication between users.
  • Fewer parking spaces required, there is always a space available.
  • See where the charging stations are located and which spaces are reserved for handicapped drivers.
  • Usermanagement can be done by the company itself.
  • Statistics provide insight into the use of the app

Apartment complexes

  • Free parking for guests.
  • A map of the current status of all parking spaces in the garage
  • Time duration of a free space is visible to all users.
  • Reserve a space in advance so that you are assured of a free parking space.
  • Find the nearest free space quickly.
  • Simple communication between the owner of the parking space and the user.
  • Fewer parking spaces are needed, there is always a space free.
  • See where the charging stations are located.
  • Manage users of the Park4Share app yourself.


Parking spaces can be shared among a group of owners of parking spaces within a community of owners, a company or a group of neighbours.

number of participantsCost per group per year (incl. VAT)
< 10€ 242,-
10 tot 20€ 363,-
20 tot 30€ 484,-
30 tot 50€ 605,-
> 50€ 847,-